How to Write a Food Blog

Before we get into the semantics of how a good blog is written, let us first discuss the basic differences between a review and a blog. A review is more clinical and objective, weighing the pros and cons of a restaurant or a recipe. A blog on the other hand, is a much more personal piece where attachments to certain eateries or recipes and the joy of sharing one’s love for food is the driving force.

While there are people who are sticklers for specifying their writing styles, there are others who combine their love for food with the desire to review what they’ve eaten, and they dare to walk the line of ‘blogviews’.

Now the best part about blogging, there really aren’t many rules to follow, except what your heart and your tummy want you to write.

And let’s not forget, beautiful photography makes for a delightful blog. A review of an Italian Restaurant would be incomplete without a drool inducing picture of pasta.

And it's not possible to rate a homebased kitchen without an image of their cupcakes!


A blog is the best way to share Nani’s Mooli (Raddish) Paratha recipe. You can travel back in time and tell your readers all about how you used to hate mooli as a child but your Nani would make these delicious crispy parathas filled with mooli so that your taste buds developed and your palate expanded to accept those dreaded moolis which you couldn’t fathom stomaching before. You can reminisce about how a paratha shaped you to be a better person because you learnt that what you refuse to accept at a first glance can be changed by looking at it from a different perspective. Adding in the picture of your Nani feeding you said paratha adds a genuineness to the blog.

You can even blog about something as boring as the applesauce you make for your toddler and turn it into something amazing because you refuse to feed your child via the easier, store-bought bottled baby food route because, hello preservatives and chemicals!   


Your reasons for visiting any eatery can be as vast and expansive as the universe. Cravings, nostalgia, suggested by friends and what not. As in a review, it is of course important to note important details such as ambiance and the quality of the food as compared to the price points, but the rules and regulations are much more relaxed. You can speak eloquently about the steak and just mention in passing the drink accompanying it because you felt it wasn’t as important as that fine chunk of meat you just consumed. See our blog on The Warehouse.

To end it all, the freedom to express oneself is much more generous as compared to a food review, because a blog at the end of the day, is entirely a reflection of you and your life. So enjoy writing your blogs as much as you enjoy your life.

Happy eating! 

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