Opposite Attock Petrol Pump, F-11 Markaz 
Islamabad, Islamabad.
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Coffee, Dinner, Lunch

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Buffalo Wings 450
2Chicken Finger Fried 425
3Chicken Nuggets 450
4French Fries 200
5Garlic Bread With Melted Cheese250
#Name in MenuPrice
1Dajaj Mashew 900
2Egyptian Grilled Chicken 850
3Fattoush Salad 400
4Filafil 500
5Hummus with Chicken550
6Lebanese Bar B.Q Chicken Green Masala 900
7Mashew Mushqata 1500
8Lemon Samke 800
9Sanke Mashew 900
10Shish Kabab 850
11Shish Tauk850
12Shorb Bil Dajaj 650
13Shorb Bil Laham750
14Tabouleh 350
15Chicken Manchurian725
16Chicken Teriyaki725
17Stuffed Grilled Chicken800
18Butter Fried Tail Prawns950
19Fish with Parmesan Cheese 850
20Chicken Achari Boti549
21Lebanese Kabab 549
22B.B.Q Chicken Burger 450
23Chicken Lasagne 799
24B.B.Q Chicken Sandwich 450
25Chicken Maccaroni Pasta 700
26Italian Steak 750
27French Onion Steaks 750
28Afghani Pulao499
29Kashmiri Pullao 499
30Chicken Biryani399
31Butter Chicken 700
32Chicken Ginger 700
33Chicken Jalfrezi 1400
34Malai Chicken Special 749
35Cold Mezzeh 650
#Name in MenuPrice
1Hummus 400
2Mutabbal 350
3Delish Special Tandoori Paratha 69
4Roghni Naan 35
5Kalwanji Naan | Garlic Naan40
6Chef Special Salad450
7Chicken Caesar Salad 450
8Chicken Italian Salad425
9Fresh Fruit Salad 450
10Russian Salad 450


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