Advertise with Foona

So you are interested in gaining publicity for your eatery through foona? Advertising with foona is easy, but currently limited to restaurants, cafes and other types of eateries.

To advertise with us, simply follow the guidelines below, provide the relevant information, make your payment and you're ready to go!

How to advertise with Foona

Your advertisement can only be in simple text format, hyperlinked or graphical. Placement of each ad depends on the size and slot you choose (depending on availability). We have some rules about branding, so please note that all ads submitted are subject to review and approval. 

Some basic guidelines to help you:

  • Use high resolution images so the quality is not compromised
  • Minimize colors
  • Use easy to read fonts
  • Keep messaging short, sweet and action oriented



All advertisements must follow the following dimensions:

  1. Home Page Banner*
    • Full size banner (1400 X 300) 
    • Half size banner (1400 x 150) will share half the banner size with foona Review at a reduced price
  2. Side Bar ads your ad will appear as one hyperlinked image, along with others*
    • Ad 1 (250 x 170)
    • Ad 2 (250 x 150)
    • Ad 3 (250 x 125)
    • Ad 4 (250 x 100)
    • Ad 5 (250 x 75)

*All ads will be linked internally to your restaurant directory listing on, unless otherwise specified. Costs will differ for internally and externally linked ads.

For specific prices of each advertisement size and location, kindly contact us and we will provide you with the details you require. 

If approved, without any delay, your advertisement will be live on and before you know it, you will be connected to thousands of consumers waiting to purchase your products and improve the quality and level of your business.


Why should you advertise with foona 

If you own, manage or work for an eatery, you have no reason not to advertise with us.

Consider this; everyone who visits this website is looking for the food and drink you offer. You couldnt have easier access to your customers. 

Anyone who wishes to advertise products outside of the food and beverage industry are subject to specific case review. We will not honor all products, so please note that your advertisement may be refused and foona Review reserves the right to do so.


Please contact us to discuss custom advertising solutions.

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