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About After Eight

A warm dine in place for families, friends and corporate lunches and dinners.

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1Garlic Bread128
2Spicy Chili Fries198
3Supreme Nachos 248
4Wild Mushroom Soup218
5BBQ Wings278
6Buffalo Wings278
7Butterfly Prawns390
8Chicken Corn Soup515
9Mozzarella Sticks298
10Onion Rings208
11Hot & Sour Soup515
#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Chowmein430
2Chicken Shashlick625
3Vegetable Chowmein365
4French Onion Steak588
5American Steak578
6Steak Sandwich328
7Tarragon Steak588
8Roasted Quesadilla288
9After Eight Fajita Sandwich358
10Buffalo Burger328
11Chicken Tikka Club Sandwich338
12Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich338
13Mushroom Burger338
14Western Cheese Burger328
15Hawaiian Steak628
16Sizzling Black Pepper Steak628
17Swiss Mushroom Steak598
18Beef Chowmein465
19Chicken Manchurian570
20Country Chicken Parmesan528
21Moraccan Style Chicken478
22Peri Peri Chicken328
23Beef Sizzling Fajita548
24Chicken Sizzling Fajita548
25Alfredo Pasta428
27Mac & Cheese Pasta428
28Spicy Chicken Pasta428
29Bear Butter Prawns538
30Peri Peri Prawns558
31Grilled Tandoori Fish538
#Name in MenuPrice
1Caesar Salad288
2Potato Chicken Salad388
3House Salad248
#Name in MenuPrice
2Chocolate Heaven Cake198
3Chocolate Malt Cake198
4Pina Colada188
#Name in MenuPrice
2Cold Coffee278
4Flavored Latte238
5Green Tea68
6Milk Shake188
9Strawberry Punch188


Shazan Sayani
Very Bad

Pathetic food, worst service.. it was my first and last experience at after8.. the order was wrongly delivered, meal was not well-done.. the other order was also not fresh, even bread of sandwich was not fresh.. miserable food. Would highly recommend not to go for wasting your bucks. Only prices sounds reasonable but no reason to eat taste-less food. Waste of money SERIOUSLY.

July 10, 2015, 2:42 am - Like

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