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Babulalays Restaurant & Cafe Claim Your Page Babulalays Restaurant & Cafe

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About Babulalays Restaurant & Cafe

Babulalays brings you culinary delights from around the world in a warm and cozy ambiance that is bound to give you a dining experience to remember.

Ramazan Offers & Menu

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1American Chowder Soup 255
2Chicken Corn Soup 195
3 Chicken Tandoori Soup 250
4Cream Of Asparagus Soup325
5Cream Of Mushroom Soup 560
6Labanese Chicken Soup 295
7Shrimp and Mushroom Soup 495
8Tomato Pesto Soup 250
9Chicken and Pineapple Salad 265
10Fattoush Salad199
11Iranian Salad 410
12Lebanese Cuscus Salad299
13Mexican Chicken Salad 250
14Tabouleh Salad199
15Lebanese Fish Fingers 499
16Mexican Chicken Taco 350
17Srilankan Fried Chicken Wings 350
19Mediterranean Fried Cheese 299
20Moutabel 175
21Olive and Vegetable Tapenade275
#Name in MenuPrice
1Basil Chicken 725
2Charcoal Grilled Chicken 699
3 Cheeky Stuffed Chicken 699
4Chicken Kayo - t - Bally 699
5Crispy Fried Chicken with Pineapple 699
6Hungarian Chicken Stew 699
7Italian Fried Chicken 699
8Italian Fried Chicken 699
9Malay Fried Chicken 750
10Saffron Chicken 725
11Dajaj Tamam725
12Shish touk 799
13Lebanese Mutton Chops 1095
14Aromatic Grilled Fish 595
15Grilled Herbs' Prawns with Saffron Rice1300
16Hungarian Fish Stew with Rice 799
17Indian Grilled Fish 799
18 Iron Prawns1399
19Italian Fried Fish 699
20Jamaican Jerk Grilled Fish555
21Lobster 1895
22Lobster Tail 1995
23Babulalays Special Sandwich 399
24Chicken Chili Sandwich 399
25Club Sandwich 455
26Fried Chicken Burger 475
27Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes Sandwich 325
28Jalapeno Chicken Burger 525
29Chicken Piccata Milanese499
30Pasta Primavera 425
31Pesto Pasta with Cream Sauce 499
32Pesto Pasta with Shrimps 599
33Tandoori Spicy Pasta with Chicken Chunks 450
34Tomato Chicken Chili Pasta 499
35Wilted Spinach Pasta with Creamy Sauce and Chicken Chunks 435
36Chicken Chatpati Handi 865
37Daal -e- Dakni 375
38Manpasand Handi 825
39Murgh Adraki 795
40Murgh- e - Khas 745
41Murghe Awadhi 795
42Rajisthani Handi 865
43Mutton Chops Makhanwali 1125
44Mutton Chiragh Shahi 1025
45Mutton Dhoni Wala 855
46Afghani Rice 599
47Iranian Rice 599
48Lebanese Masala Rice 599
49Zarkandi Biryani 599
#Name in MenuPrice
1Achari Naan 85
2Cheese Naan 225
3Garlic Naan 55
4Kalonji Naan55
5Naan Basket 225
6Plain Naan 40
7Roomali Roti25
8Warqi Paratha65
#Name in MenuPrice
1Assasarya 290
3Candy Ball with Ice Cream 325
4Lychee With Ice Cream290
5Special Halwa 399



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