Junaid Tariq of Coffee Planet

Junaid Tariq, owner of Coffee Planet recently sat down with us for an interview, discussing how his business started, expanded and got to where it is today.

Tell us a little about what drove you to enter the restaurant business. What’s the story behind it?

The routine life at a 9-5 and working for someone else made me realize it's time I make the leap of faith and use the judgement I have accumulated over years of working with Brands and Academia. I am a firm believer that the modern economy shall sustain itself on franchising based business models, not only in food, but other industries as well. Therefore, the decision to buy a franchise and run it myself.

How do you see your business model panning out in the next few years?

Coffee consumption in the subcontinent is expected to rise in the near future. After five years, the business model will be focused on brand presence through wide-scale expansion and to move the perception from fashion consumption of coffee to real everyday beverage.


It has, people are already moving towards “on-the-go” snacking and our business has pushed that concept even further.

Do you think the restaurant business is worth entering?

Absolutely, given that you have done your calculations well and are sure about what you are offering in terms of a distinctive presence and plan to stick to it for as long as they both shall exist, yes!

How has customer interaction been in general?

Customer interaction makes a critical part in the specialty coffee business. It varies from bad to good friendships. Mine has been a fairly pleasant one so far.

Do you feel your customers understand your food?

They do, as far as specialty coffee is concerned there is an increased awareness in consumers in terms of what to expect and how the value for money equation is justified. But there is a long distance we need to go to fully absorb ourselves in the real concept of it.

The worst/best customer interaction you’ve had so far?

Best one has resulted in lifelong friendships, worst ones in saying good bye forever.

Do you believe there is scope for new cuisines in your city?

Islamabad has always been open to new ideas . So yes, new cuisines are always welcome here.

If you could, what would you go back and change about your business?

There's nothing that I would want to change.

How do you think customers help to improve your vision for food in general?

The present social media proliferation and governance has enabled the customer to make the seller realize what's important. That's also true for eateries.

When it comes to brand building, it plays a vital role for youth focused brands. However, on the negative side, social media builds and breaks brands these days!


Any words of wisdom or advice for newcomers?

Hold your ground, clear out all mental fog, make the leap and stick to it for whatever it takes!

If you too want to share your culinary tales with us, leave your details here and we will get in touch!

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