Khizra Munir of Sattarbuksh

Tell us a little about what drove you to enter the restaurant business. What’s the story behind it?

It's been a lifelong passion of all those involved with Sattarbuksh to get into the food business. But we didn't want to do it just for the sake of it. It had to be the right time and for the right reason and the right concept. So we waited and did our day jobs until the inspiration for Sattarbuksh hit us.

How do you see your business model panning out in the next few years?

We want to keep evolving, but within the scope of what our original idea is; to bring people of different tastes together and give them a space where they can unwind over a good cup of chai, coffee or a hearty meal.

Do you believe your establishment helped change the way people eat?

We think so. We wanted to redefine the concept of going out to hang out, where people had to choose one way or the other; desi or angrezi. We wanted everyone to have something of their choice, continental food or a desi street food item and to enjoy in a chilled out, fun and hygienic environment.

Do you think the restaurant business is worth entering?

We have no regrets. It's an experience worth having and if you're focused and find your niche, then there's nothing like it.

How has customer interaction been in general?

We have a really fun fan following due to our social media persona. We interact on a very friendly and engaging level and that helps us connect with people.

Do you feel your customers understand your food?

They do. We love seeing Daal Chawal and Pizza at the same table!

The worst/best customer interaction you’ve had so far?

I think one rare occasion when during the time when shisha was legal, we had a customer try to sit in the shisha area with a toddler. We've always had a strict 18 and above policy and no children were allowed in the shisha area. The customer was very angry and made a scene even though the rule was for the child's benefit.

Do you believe there is scope for new cuisines in your city?

Yes absolutely. If you do it properly and honestly, you can get people to enjoy any experience or cuisine.

If you could, what would you go back and change about your business?

We wouldn't do anything different. We'd just try to do everything better.

How do you think customers help to improve your vision for food in general?

Customer are the perfect 'comment card' for feedback. From what they order, to the review they eventually post on a social media forum, it's good to pay attention.

Do you believe social media holds any power or influence over customers?

Absolutely. We launched purely through Facebook. We started posting before we launched and had built a fun community of followers who engaged with us and couldn't wait for us to open our doors. All this without posting a single picture of our food or the cafe. We saw the power of social media when we had to open our doors before the launch because someone posted a review of a private meal we had served in our trial and testing phase. It was amazing!

Any words of wisdom or advice for newcomers?

Don't slack off and don't just do this for the money because if your heart's not in it, there's going to be no money.

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