Mehvish Abubakar of Sinful Bites

Tell us a little about what drove you to enter the home catering business. What’s the story behind it?

My love for food, and my passion for baking and cooking led me into starting this business. What many people don’t know is that I created Sinful Bites’ page on Facebook twice. I deleted it the first time as the response was pretty disheartening. I barely got any orders for the first 2 months. However, thanks to my family and friends for their belief in me, and for their undying support and encouragement, they bucked me up to restart and I set up the page once again. The first order I got was for 50 cupcakes to celebrate a baby’s arrival, and there has been no looking back ever since!

How do you see your business model panning out in the next few years?

Well, if things work out in my favor, then I plan to open up a small bakery/café of Sinful Bites in future.

Do you believe your establishment helped change the way people eat?

Yes, a bit. We recently introduced Indian cuisine to our menu, Dhoklas for instance, and that has made a lot of people develop taste for vegetarian food.

Do you think the home based catering business is worth entering?

It definitely is! Start from home, and once you have worked out the basics of the business & develop a good clientele, you can then consider upgrading to a full-fledged cafe or restaurant.

How has customer interaction been in general?

It has been mostly good so far, I’d say.

Do you feel your customers understand your food?

Why not? My menu is very simple. Utmost care is taken while choosing the ingredients from the market, as they are all personally handpicked, and no compromise is done on the quality. So reasonably priced, best quality food is ensured to my customers, and that’s precisely what keeps them coming back for more.

The worst/best customer interaction you’ve had so far?

I’ve had too many amazing interactions with my customers. Best one I can recall is when I made signature Sinful Bites’ brownies on special request, and had them delivered on a very short notice to one of my old clients. The client was pregnant and needed a quick sweet fix, and the second time she placed an order she said that, "The only thing I crave during pregnancy are your brownies, and I'm going to add your digits in one of my speed dial numbers." And that felt awesome!

Do you believe there is scope for new cuisines in your city?

Absolutely! People in Karachi are all about exploring and trying new and different cuisines now.

If you could, what would you go back and change about your business?

Nothing really. I’m happy with the way my business has panned out so far.

How do you think customers help to improve your vision for food in general?

I love receiving comments from my customers. I read them all, and I try to respond to as many as possible. I believe there are many benefits to considering the customer's feedback, particularly gaining customer insight and learning how to improve my product. I openly welcome all recommendations and suggestions for any new items or different flavors to be introduced to my menu.

Do you believe social media holds any power or influence over customers?

Without a doubt. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses today. While word-of-mouth can be great influencer too, social media plays a much more significant role in not only increasing business awareness and generating more exposure, but also greatly influencing purchasing decisions.

Any words of wisdom or advice for newcomers?

Pursue your dreams and never give up on them. Do what you love. Trust me when I say this, the satisfaction you get from your customer’s feedback is unbeatable!

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