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Bubble Tea Co. Claim Your Page Bubble Tea Co.

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About Bubble Tea Co.

Delicious fruity flavoured tea and milk is not all that we have. Our fruity slushies and coffee is bound to blow your mind.

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Honeydew Milk + Tapioca Pearls285
2Almond Milk Tea260
3Honey Lemon Green Tea275
4Lychee Green Tea250
5Passionfruit Green Tea250
6Peach Green Tea250
7Lavender Black Tea260
8Rose Black Tea260
9Caramel Milk Tea260
10Hazelnut Milk Tea260
11Fruit Slush275
12Flavored Milk260
13Passionfruit Green Tea + Lychee Jelly275
14Mango Slush + Mix Jelly305
15Caramel Milk Tea + Pudding290
16Chocolate Milk Tea + Tapioca Pearls + Pudding315



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