Street 55, F-8/4 (near Fatima Church),
Islamabad, Islamabad.
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Dinner, Lunch

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About Chinatown

China Town provides a variety of great environs under one roof. Whether it’s a quick lunch, home delivery, takeaway, relax and dine-in, exclusive catering or hosting that special event at the restaurant.

Ramazan Offers & Menu

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Butterfly Prawn1190
2Chicken Corn Soup550
3Chicken Drumsticks490
4Chicken Mushroom Soup590
5Chicken Spring Roll390
6Chicken Vegetables Soup550
8Finger Chicken590
9Finger Fish650
10Fried Calamari590
11Hot & Sour Soup590
12Hunan Style Fried Chicken Wontons390
#Name in MenuPrice
2Beijing Chicken1190
3Beijing Duck2790
4Chicken Chilli Oyster Sauce695
5Chicken Garlic Sauce635
6Chicken Manchurian 735
7Chicken Manchurian Glazed635
8Chicken With Almonds & Vegetables735
9Juha Fish795
10Kung Pao Chicken695
11Lemon Chicken With Garlic Sauce635
12Sauteed Diced Chicken with bell pepper635
13Szechuan Dry Fish695
14Yem Yem Chy Chicken635
15Chilli Prawns1190
16Crispy Szechuan Sweet & Sour Fish790
17Fish Manchurian Glazed690
18Kung Pao Fish730
19Kung Pao Prawns1290
20Prawns Manchurian1190
21Szechuan Dry Prawns1190
22Spicy Pepper Fish730
23Sweet & Sour Prawns1190
24Chop Suey550
25Fried Rice490
26Jasmine Rice550
27Spicy Rice590
28Beef Garlic Sauce695
29Beef With Mixed Vegetables695
30Sesame Fried Beef With Green Chillies695
31Four Precious Vegetables450
32Bean Curd With Vegetables490



Nameer Aurangzeb
Not Rated

This used to be a pretty nice restaurant back when it wasn't such a huge deal. I believe it's because of a change in the ownership that their taste has changed and just doesn't come up to the mark anymore.

December 30, 2014, 8:29 pm - Like

Aqeel Khurshid
Very Bad

Today evening I placed a takeaway order from China Town restaurant, the chicken in one of the foods (Chicken Almond) was so Rotten and Smelly that it was difficult to stand in front of that box. When called the Manager on duty Mr. Khurrum, his response and attitude was shockingly surprising, firstly he refused to admit there could be any problem with their food, then said there are so many other restaurants in the city, he could refund my payment and advised to get food from any other restaurant, he also refused to provide the contact number of Mr. Tahir Yaseen, the owner, of the restaurant. Another interesting comment from him was that they already established a big name and brand in the city and it won’t affect them if me and my family and friends wont visit them. Such kind of food delivery is playing with health and lives of citizens, the Relevant departments and authorities for food control seem sleeping and letting such restaurants like China Town provide the unhealthy and rotten food to their customers.

August 1, 2014, 9:31 pm - Like

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