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Nazia Latif

When I first went to Chop Chop Wok, I fell in love with the place. And then I started reading fairly disappointing reviews ranging from everything about no space to food being just plain sad. Of course, that just made me want to go all the more and far be it from me to deprive myself of my cravings. So off I traipsed to Chop Chop Wok, armed with my friend Funty's photography skills and a hungry tummy. One of the latest improvements is the manager there. Interactive without being intrusive, knowing his food and constantly in motion, making sure we got everything from the salad to extra ice in our iced tea. Moving on to the food, the Thai Beef Salad was earthy, spicy, crunchy deliciousness of tender little beef strips with a lot of bean sprouts. Now please note I say 'a lot' in relative terms. The helpings aren't massive, okay? It's not that kind of place. If you're more than 2 people, order 2 of those salads, or even 3 depending if one of you wants to have one all to yourself. The sticky wings were brilliants as usual. The reason why I think these little wings are so delicious is because the barbecue sauce doesn't overwhelm the tangy spiciness of the other flavors comprising of the wings' marinade. The fish crackers were strictly okay, to be honest, but pair it with the chili sauce (Which is a mix of spice and tomatoey goodness) and peanuts and you have a new favorite way of eating what we call pappar. Funty ordered the Tom Yum Goong, and the staff was accommodating enough to replace the original prawns with chicken. This soup WILL hit you in the back of your throat if you aren't careful. One of our friends has a low spice tolerance and we told him not to try it but he did and cried tears of pain as penance for not listening to us. Funty and I loved it. Now, if you aren't aware of what makes Chop Chop Wok stand apart from the rest of the eateries, allow me to enlighten you. So you have a list of things to choose from. The noodles/rice, flavoring ranging from extremely mild to extremely spicy, and of course the add-ons ranging from chicken to beef to tofu to mushrooms to prawns. The main that I ordered was what I had been craving since we last visited and that was the brown rice with Pan Asian flavoring (The spiciest one on the list, of course) with chicken and mushrooms. Funty ordered the Red Thai Curry, the same friend who cried ordered rice noodles with Japanese flavor, beef and tofu. Another acquaintance ordered the Nasi Goreng and her husband ordered the Black Pepper Beef with Rice, which I didn't try. Now, my food was heaven in a bowl. It was hot, it was fresh, with tender chicken pieces, perfectly flavored and fried rice, fresh mushrooms and just comforting, hearty goodness. The Red Thai Curry we admitted could do with a bit more spiciness, but on the whole it was a beautifully coconutty curry. Some of us even dared to say it was better than Baan Thai. And listen, we all know Baan Thai has inconsistent days, but when it's good it's very, very good. So that's saying something. The Nasi Goreng was so, so, so good. Just how it should be. The rice noodles were too bland for my taste but our friend enjoyed it and polished it off. Now let me tell you something about iced tea. I don't like it. I never have. Somehow though, Chop Chop Wok's Iced Tea works for me. It's sweet but not too sweet. I can taste the tea but not too strongly. And when it's properly chilled, it somehow works with the food we get at Chop Chop Wok. For dessert, we went for the Fried Ice Cream, which at first bite reminded me a bit of Frerro Rocher, but later my friends and I figured out it was probably the chocolate sauce that made me think that way. As far as the dessert goes, it's an innovative one to be sure, but inconsistent power surges aren't exactly the most conducive environment for keeping such a dessert. We relayed our feedback to one of the partners who is always open and accepting towards constructive feedback. He listens and then acts upon the workable aspects, which make us as consumers appreciate his hard work and business all the more. And for all those people who are whining and griping about not getting a seat to eat at Chop Chop Wok, let me ask you something. When or if you have ever gone abroad to a popular food joint that requires you to stand in line and wait your turn until you're seated, do you do badtamizi and throw tantrums in person and on social media? Do you? No. You stand there in line like civilized human beings and then brag about how you get to eat at falana dhimkana place after braving the line for hours. Or you choose to not go there and eat somewhere else. So can we all PLEASE extend the same courtesy to OUR people? That would be really nice to see. There's a proper footpath leading up to Chop Chop Wok. If you want to eat there that bad, please queue up or go check out the shops bhari pari hui in Khadda Market, or take a walk and come back, or come back EARLY some other day. Do not act like junglee badtamiz people. Thank you. As you can tell, I'm a fan of Chop Chop Wok.

September 1, 2015, 6:33 pm - Like

Ali Soomro

New restaurants and eateries open up every so often in Karachi, but mostly bring the same menus over and over again to our tables. So when I heard about a legit noodle house opening in Khadda Market, I decided it was worth a visit on the second day. Braving the traffic and knowing the seating capacity was a paltry 25 seater, my friends and I were lucky to find a table upon our arrival. The establishment is what one calls a home-in-the-wall. It is very small, but very well made and not claustrophobic. There is a huge yellow and black painting covering the entire wall, which honestly reminded my friends and I of Po from Kung Fu Panda, and windows to the cooking area, giving the visitors a show while they watch their food being prepared. The seating is low benches and wooden tables that don't wobble (Thank God), and for the most part, quite comfortable. The owners themselves were hands on and very much involved in the eatery. Naturally, considering it was just the second day of operations. The menu gives a lot of freedom to people, letting them choose from a variety of noodles, rice, spice levels, meats and extras. We began our order with the sticky wings, and fish crackers. The former were hot, sticky, slightly spicy and just overall delicious. The fish crackers were served with an assortment of roasted peanuts, a sweet and sour sauce and a spicy sauce. Both appetizers were served hot and on time. The mains were a plethora of flavors which are as authentic as I have been able to find in Karachi. There were 2 orders of jasmine rice, and 3 orders of noodles. From a variety of Japanese, Pan Asian, Vietnamese and Thai, to noodles served with seafood, tofu, chicken, beef and mushrooms, everything was absolutely brilliant. The flavors were further enhanced with the condiments provided. By the time I had eaten my meal and sampled everyone else's I was sure this will become a regular spot when I have a craving for wok style rice and noodles. The drinks we ordered were the peach iced tea which was brilliant. It was cold, it tasted of tea and yet had a peach punch to it. The mint lemonade was too sweet and needed some lemon and a cutback on the sugar for improvement. The dessert we really wanted to try was the fried ice cream but there was none available so we opted for the cheese cake, which had unfortunately been crystallized. Had it been allowed to sit for a while at room temperature, it would've been perfect. The prices for the food were more than reasonable and for 6 people with appetisers, mains, drinks and desserts the total damage was Rs. 4319, exclusive of tip. Overall, the 6 of us left very happy and pleasantly surprised by Chop Chop Wok, and can't wait to visit it again soon!

July 10, 2015, 6:17 pm - Like

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