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About Citrus Restaurant

Citrus is a refreshing new dining experience created to satisfy the gourmands and foodies of Lahore.

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Maria Umar

This new eatery by Kitchen Cuisine is soooooooooo perfect it makes me want to cry. Having suffered through the horribly greasy food at KC Grill in Islamabad this brings the KC brand back into the game. Their khow suey is so spot in it made me tear up and NO not only because it was spicy. It was just so beautifully perfect. Just wish the bowl they serve it in wasn't so high ... makes it hard to reach to the end to scrape it off. Salad bar is complimentary with main dish. And what a relief it is to find REAL salad instead of the sweet, mayonnaise and cream laden dessert most restaurants try to pass off as salad *blekh. They actually have zucchini and beetroot and eggplant there! Yum! Love how quiet and "grown up" the place feels ... sooo rare in Lahore which is super rare in this city where everything has to be loud and gaudy and in your face. LOVE THE PLACE.

April 15, 2015, 2:16 pm - Like

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