F 11 Markaz, E11 
Islamabad, Islamabad.
01:00 PM - 04:00 AM
Dinner, Lunch

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About Food Shack

To ensure quality, Food Shack procures fresh meat and other produce daily.
Food Shack uses Olive Oil for cooking.

Food Shack ! Khaaa Teyyy Rahhoooo !! :D Our goal ? To provide you with the tastiest selections in Islamabad. Middle Eastern cuisine along with Pakistani Selections, Grilled Steak Burgers and Pizzas ! Food Shack, in the coming weeks and years seeks to expand and bring to Islamabad quality ... Read More


Steak Burgers !
October 11, 2014, 9:06 pm

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Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
2Falafel with Shatta100
3Hummus and Khubz (Pita)170
4Fatayer (Beef, Chicken, Cheese, Spinach)150
5Lahem Bi Ajeeb250
#Name in MenuPrice
1Lebanese Beef Shawarma (Regular)190
2Lebanese Chicken Shawarma (Regular)180
3Lebanese Falafel Shawarma (Regular)150
4Lebanese Beef Shawarma (Jumbo)400
5Lebanese Chicken Shawarma (Jumbo)350
6Lebanese Falafel Shawarma (Jumbo)300
7Lebanese Beef Shawarma (Giant)800
8Lebanese Chicken Shawarma (Giant)740
9Lebanese Falafel Shawarma (Giant)600
10Falafel Platter500
11Mushakkal (Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian)360
12Hummus Meal350
13Spicy Mayo (Chicken or Beef) Steak Burger (Regular)370
14Pepper Steak Burger (Regular)270
15BBQ Beef or Chicken Steak (Regular)370
16Gr Chickn or Beef Stk Burger (Regular)350
17Mighty Chicken or Beef Steak Burger (Regular)370
18Garlic Stk Burger (Beef or Chicken, Regular)270
19Chicken Tikka Burger (Regular)270
20Cottage Burger200
21Chicken Tikka Pizza (Small)350
22Chicken Fajita Pizza (Small)350
23Lebanese Chicken or Beef Pizza (Small)350
24Beef Pepperoni Pizza (Small)350
25Cheese Lovers Pizza (Small)350
26Veggie Lovers Pizza (Small)350
27Jalapeno Lovers Pizza (Small)350
28Chicken Sausages Pizza (Small)350
29Pizza Medium650
30Pizza Large850
#Name in MenuPrice
2Chocolate Muffins !30
4Cream Delights !250


Steak Burger
Pie and Burger
Beef Shawarma (Giant)
Salad with Lebanese Sauces and Herbs
Falafel Platter
Falafel - frying


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