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#Name in MenuPrice
1Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot Soup350
2Button Mushroom & Vegetable Soup350
3Assorted Vegetable410
4Sweet & Sour Vegetable340
5Spring Rolls340
6Tahi Soup380
7Mongolian Fire pot Soup720
8Wonton Noodle Soup440
#Name in MenuPrice
1Beef Chow Mein450
2Chicken Chow Mein390
3Chicken With Pineapple & Vegetable430
4Chicken With Mushroom and Vegetable430
5Vegetable Fried Rice290
6Chicken Prawn Fried Rice370
7Wonton Noodle with Oyster Sauce480
8Chicken Prawn Chow Mein420
9Prawn Chop Suey480
10Chicken Chop Suey430
11Beef with Oyster Sauce480
12Beef with Peanuts and Dry Red Pepper500
13Fried Crispy Chicken490
14Shrimp with Button Mushroom & Vegetable540
15Fried Prawn Ball610
16Fried Wonton510
17Shau May (Steamed Dumpling)600


yasfoon rafiq

One of the best restaurants in Karachi with good atmosphere service outstanding food is hygienic and yummy and its not to expensive its reasonable to eat , My Hubby and my kids love to eat here , the staff is very nice , The best Chinese restaurant in Karachi

February 14, 2016, 6:04 pm - Like

Bilal Alvi

If I ever have to make an ad for Golden Dragon Chinese Cuisine, I would feature my mother in it and she would say "Jab bhi mein kuch arsay ke liye bahar jati hoon to mujhe apne bachon ke khanay ki bilkul fikar nahi hoti... kuoon ke Golden Dragon hai na! Bas ek call milatay hain aur garma garam mazedar khana aajata hai, aur wo bhi itna sara ke mere deyo jaise bachay jee bhar ke khaa lete hain aur phir bhi khana bach jata hai" Every word of the above is so true! Today I was super hungry as I was leaving work and the prospect of going home and defrosting food seemed like a tedious task, so while driving I called GD and placed my order. I ordered the deal for 3 which includes fried rice, spring rolls, chicken gravy, chowmein and soup. Asked them to replace the chowmein with american chopsuey and they obliged as always. Then I called again to ask if they had something crispy and tangy and was suggested the crispy beef in tamarind sauce. I reached home, freshened up and after a short while the rider arrived, well before an hour that was committed on the phone. The food arrived piping hot and I immediately regretted my decision of ordering so much food when I saw the size of the bag. I tend to go overboard when ordering while i'm super hungry, but when I opened the bag and started taking containers out, I was over the moon and my brother was staring at me like I've lost it completely :) Also, just before the rider arrived, I realized I had forgotten to specify that the food should be MSG free and when I was about to call them, I got the call from their rider. But when I opened the bag, each box was labeled "MSG free"! Imagine my delight over the fact they cared enough to remember since I do mention it when I order. and GD is the only chinese food I have because it is guaranteed MSG free. Now this is what I call supreme customer service! Ok enough random talk, now I come to the food. Oh... my.. GOD!! It was like the gates of culinary heaven had opened up and the food descended directly from there! The beef in tamarind sauce and the chicken in tamarind sauce were to die for!! the white hot n sour soup was a delight for my sore throat! hot, spicy and oh so soothingly delicious that I savored each spoonful. The spring rolls were crunchy, melted in my mouth with delicious filling! and the sweet n sour chicken was spot on as always, with the fried rice. I started devouring it all and when me & my brother were stuffed, we scanned the table and there was still more than half of the food left. Now i'm not bragging but I have to give this reference so you all understand the full impact of the quantity of this delicious food.... I've been branded the swot burger king and my brother is the current reigning Hoagies champ. so we pack in our food nice and good. so despite our appetites, still there is so much left that we can have lunch and dinner tomorrow with this food! and all for just Rs.1500!!! GD is truly a blessing of Allah :)

July 15, 2015, 4:55 pm - Like - 1 foody like this

Maria Mukati

The food is good the quantity of food is in a good amount i love their Chinese rice schezaun chicken their fried prawns food is good n service as well! ????

July 10, 2015, 7:10 pm - Like

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