F-10, Markaz, 7 Capital Trade Center (near Akari Bank),
Islamabad, Islamabad.
10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Brunch, Coffee, Desserts, Dinner, Lunch

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About Honey Bee Cafe

HoneyBee Cafe is Vitalizing the taste of Italian, Chinese & Fast Food. HoneyBee Cafe is the casual place for dine in and takeaways for families and friends. We are offering quality food with finest elements and at reasonable prices with friendly serving staff.

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1Pollo Crispy295
2Hot Buffalo Wings295
3Stuffed Baked Potato210
4Nachos with Cheese Salsa290
5French Fries180
6French Fries Plain120
7Thai Chicken Soup210
8Mulligatawny Soup240
9Cream of Chicken240
10Cream of Mushroom245
11Hot n Sour225
12Chicken Corn Soup200
13Thai Salad260
14Greek Salad260
15Caesar Salad280
16Spicy Chicken Salad260
#Name in MenuPrice
1Spicy Fettuccini Chicken450
2Spaghetti Bolognese450
3Tagliatelle Pasta450
4Penne Arrabiata450
5Spaghetti Carbonara450
6HB Special - BBQ Grilled Burger375
7Mexican Chicken Burger260
8Mexican Beef Burger290
9Mexican Fish Burger390
10Crispy Chicken Burger325
11Beef Burger290
12Chicken Burger290
13HB Special690
14Sambal Chicken650
15Tarragon Chicken650
16Mushroom Chicken650
17Jalapeno Chicken650
18Cheesy Chicken650
19HB Special Steak790
20Mushroom Steak650
21Pepper Steak650
22Oyster Beef Chili595
23Sesame Chicken525
24Chicken Manchurian450
25Chicken Chili Dry450
26Stir Fried Vegetable395
27Chicken Chow Mein350
28Fish n Chips690
29Pan Fried Mediterranean Fish740
30Thai Style Fish740
31Pan Seared Fish740
32Chili Garlic Prawn950
33Cheesy Pasta250
#Name in MenuPrice
1Family Soup Deal550




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