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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Strips310
2Chciken Wings350
3Crispy Fries160
4French Fries140
5Spicy Crispy Fries 190
6Samosa (Mince, 6 Pcs)20
7Samosa (Potato 6 Pcs)110
#Name in MenuPrice
11/2 Kg Pepper Steak 950
22 In 1 Beef Cheese Burger 780
3Beef Burger 300
4Beef Cheese Burger 350
5Big Log Beef Cheese Burger620
6Big Log Cheezy Beef Cheese Burger690
7Big Log Chicken Cheese Burger620
8Big Log Fish Burger 620
9Chic Steak 440
10Chicken Salad Sandwich360
11Club Sandwich 430
12Crispy Chicken Burger430
13Finger Fish433
14Fried Fish490
15Grilled Chicken Sandwich 400
16Log In Club Sandwich530
17Log Inn Beef And Mushroom Burger570
18Log Inn Beef Cheese Burger490
19Log Inn Beef Jalapeno Burger540
20Log Inn Chicken Cheese Burger 490
21Loginn Fish Burger 490
22Pepper Steak 550
23Roaster Steak 730
24Salt Beef Sandwich 460
25Spicy Beef Cheese Burger 380
26Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger 440
#Name in MenuPrice
1Death By Chocolate 350
2New York Cheese Cake350
#Name in MenuPrice
1Cold Coffee 240
2Iced Cappuccino 180
3Iced Latte180
4Iced Lemon Tea120
5Iced Mocha 200
6Iced Tea 100
8Black Coffee140
10Espresso Double Shot180
11Espresso Single Shot 140
12Green Tea70
13Hot Chocolate200
16Regular Coffee 160
18Whipped Cream Coffee220
19Chocolate Shake 230
20Kitkat Shake350
21Log Inn Special 370
22Strawberry Shake 230
23Vanilla Shake220
24Pena Colada 310
25Mango Shake 220


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