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About London Fries

London Fries is a great food kiosk at one of Karachi's best shopping malls, The Ocean Mall serving you with an array of dishes ranging from Fish&Chips to Burgers to Grilled Chicken! Get your taste buds ready for an out of this world experience!


Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
2Fish Bite190
3Westminster Abbey120
4South Hall100
#Name in MenuPrice
1Fish and Chips390
2Canary Wharf660
3Tower of London Burger390
5House of Lords650
#Name in MenuPrice
11 Crispy Chicken Burger with Fries, 1 Drink430
22 Pcs.Fried Chicken with Fries, 1 Drink400
31 Fish Fillet Burger with Fries, 1 Drink360
44 Pcs.Fried Chicken, 4 Chicken Burger with Fries, 2 Fish Bites, 1990
53 Chicken Burger, 2 Fish Bites, 3 Fish Fillet with Fries, 3 Drin1490



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