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About Mews

A Café that has been inspired by a Rustic European “cobbled” street corner is getting ready to treat your palate with delight.

The Mews at E-Street has been created out of the obsession to want good food, great company and wholesome ingredients. It is a tucked away café on E-Street,that creates its own niche. A lot of time and effort has been put in to get the environment perfect, because we want you to enjoy the full "foody" ... Read More


Nazia Latif

Mews - Wholesome Kitchen, a place where the entire family enjoyed their meal. With everyone being indecisive, my sister and I decided upon Mews since the parents and chacha hadn't been there till now. Since we got there around 8, the place was thankfully relatively empty. We chose to sit outside because the patio is oh so pretty, and the weather is too. For the appetizers we went with the trio of fries and the hot stuff plank pizza. The pizza was delivered as promised. Hot, cheesy, spicy goodness that everyone enjoyed and polished off. A great starter for the table. Thank God Mews makes their own fries and doesn't use the frozen variety. I loved all three flavors (Truffle and mushroom, kimchi and bolognese) but my favorite was definitely the kimchi. Since I had already stuffed myself silly earlier when I was out with a friend, I chose to not order a main course. I did however, order a mint lemonade. My chacha and dad decided to split the club sandwich, for the mother we ordered the mustard chicken, and my sister chose to go with the dirty bolognese. As I have mentioned before, everyone loved their main courses, of which I didn't take any pictures because they were all hungry but every single one of them definitely enjoyed their meals with no complaints. And I found the mint lemonade to be slightly above average than all the other commercially available ones, almost at par with Koel. Not quite there but almost. Very refreshing, especially when you get the carbonated drink replaced with water. Overall damage for 2 appetizers, a large bottle of water, 2 drinks and 3 main courses was around Rs. 4800. Pricey yes, but worth it. Last mention goes to the well-informed server we had who helped us make the right choices and also, people were waiting as we left around 9 p.m.

January 25, 2016, 11:56 am - Like

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