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About New York Coffee

In addition to the finest gourmet coffee beans, freshly roasted by us, New York Coffee offers our customers a variety of delicious food and beverage options. From gourmet sandwiches, pancakes, crepes, waffles and focaccia to salads, biscotti, fresh pastries, cake and fruit smoothies, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a bit of breakfast, a quick sandwich or salad for lunch, some decadent dessert or simply a healthy fruit-filled smoothie, we ... Read More

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#Name in MenuPrice
1NYC Club Omelette475
2Four Cheese Omelette425
3Mushroom Cheese Omelette425
4Pepperoni & Cheese Omelette475
5Blue Cheese Omelette425
6Fried Eggs & Beef Bacon425
7Basic Scrambled Eggs425
8Bacon & Sausages Platter850
10New Yorker Pancake250
11Nutella Pancake295
12Mix Berries Delight Pancake375
13American Style Pancake225
14American Style Waffes225
15New Yorker Waffles250
16Mix Berries Delight Waffles375
17American Style Crepes225
18New Yorker Crepes250
19Mix Berries Delight Crepes375
20Nutella Crepe375
21Vegetarian Crepes375
22Sunrise Crepes375
23Traditional Crepes590
#Name in MenuPrice
1Grilled Mixed Seafood Nicoise Salad725
2Crispy Chicken Tender Salad495
3Thai High Sweet & Zesty Beef Salad375
4Caesar Salad380
5Grilled Caesar Salad495
6Potato Skins375
7NYC Nacho690
8Fried Calamari395
9Fried Mozarella Stick325
10Buffalo Wings455
12Stuffed Chicken Strips355
13Mini Burgers575
#Name in MenuPrice
1Fettuccine Alfredo475
2Blackened Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo695
3Penne Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce455
4Coconut Coated Prawns725
5NYC Tenderloin Flap Steak695
6Grilled Chicken Tarragon650
7Tangy Spicy Grilled Fish665
8Grilled Norwegian Salmon1300
9Morrocan Chicken650
10Fish & Chips665
11Roast Beef Panini Sandwich565
12Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla670
13NYC Turkey Club Sandwich675
14Grilled Chicken Mozarella Pesto Panini Sandwich565
15Steak & Cheese Wrap590
16Chicken Mediterranean Wrap590
#Name in MenuPrice
1Sampler Platter1295
#Name in MenuPrice
4Chocolate Chip Cookie65
#Name in MenuPrice
1Manhattan Special495
2Liberty Latte495
3The Empire State495
4Winter on 52nd Street495
5Winter on 52nd Street495
6Rick in Java495
7New York Subway Special495
8Nutty Raspberry Bronx495



Nazia Latif

When you can't get into the Karachi Eat Festival because the traffic is insane (Starting from Metropole), you circle around 4 times looking for space, can't find it and decide it's just not worth the hassle, you end up deciding not to waste the outing and go somewhere peaceful instead. With all of Karachi at the Karachi Eat Festival, Zamzama was peaceful and full of free parking. Let's get the bad out of the way first. Why oh why would you mess with perfection, NYC? The crust was soggy, the cheesecake itself too sweet, and overall quite disappointing. The manager present told me the new formula cheesecake had just been imported and my first reaction was, 'WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?' Put in a request a to bring the old version back. Sigh. The good parts however, are the coffee and the sample platter. Delivered as I asked for, double shot espresso, frothy, creamy delicious coffee goodness. My friend enjoyed his hot chocolate, but I didn't taste it. The sample platter was brilliant, as usual. Love the crispy onion rings, tender, spicy, tangy and juicy chicken wings, the mini burgers were dripping juice from the patty, and the buns held everything together very well. I'm not such a fan of chicken strips, but NYC knows how to do them. The sauces too, are just the way they're supposed to be. Fiery and tangy buffalo sauce, creamy and mellow ranch sauce, along with my not-so-favorite but goes so well with onion rings barbecue sauce and of course, everyone loves honey mustard sauce.

January 25, 2016, 11:07 am - Like

Nazia Latif

Going with a friend for a meeting regarding work, I couldn't think of a better place than NYC to enjoy a cup of coffee and cake in the evening. Before the cake, i of course wanted something savory and spicy to nibble on, but because I couldn't decide between the wings and the mozzarella sticks, we went for the sampler platter. And what a good choice it was! It had everything from the aforementioned wings to mini burgers, chicken tenders and fried onion rings, It was served with barbecue, honey mustard, blue cheese & buffalo sauce. I won't lie about it. I ate everything with the buffalo sauce. My friend ordered another serving of honey mustard but had to stop himself from ordering a third because we were about to have cheesecake. NYC is one of those comfortable places where the staff will be at a comfortable distance and will also give you privacy. With the expanse of space available, they will never push you to leave the premise when they see you're done eating. I digress, however. The sampler platter was delicious. Absolutely delicious. If I had to pick 2 things that I loved, they would have to be the onion rings and the wings. The coffee and cheesecake can never go wrong at NYC and is excellent for giving me my cheesecake fix. This time however, I felt the crust was a little soggy. Other than that, the flavor was brilliant. Everyone needs to go to NYC to eat the sampler platter and cheesecake!

August 31, 2015, 12:41 pm - Like

Nazia Latif

A few weeks ago, I was a bit unsure about visiting New York Coffee for an early dinner and coffee. I'm so glad I went! Everyone has already raved about the ample space and inviting decor, but can I just mention that my friend pointed out how nice and no-fuss the cutlery is, with ample napkins at the table and the comfortable seating. Moving on to the service, the staff was very eager to hear our feedback regarding the food, and the suggestions we offered were well received. The service was prompt, friendly and efficient. My friends and I also came away happy with the food. I started off with a cappuccino, which was creamy, frothy and delicious. The buffalo wings we ordered were served with a spicy sauce, which is the regular fare at most eateries, but the star was the other dressing; the blue cheese sauce, which my friend enjoyed the most, since she loves blue cheese. The buffalo wings themselves were the perfect crispy skin and tender chicken, slightly spicy and perfectly seasoned. Everyone enjoyed their mains, which included a club sandwich, a risotto, and a panini. One friend didn't want tomatoes in her club sandwich and was very happy that her instructions were followed through, since our server Shehroz, being a properly trained fellow was noting everything down instead of saying, 'Ma'am mujhe yaad rahega' and then messing up the order. The friend who had the panini said it was the way a panini should be and reminiscent of an Italian restaurant in San Francisco which had been established for almost a century. Moving on to the cheesecake, can I just say it is as close as one can get to a cheesecake here in Karachi? The base can be a wee bit crispier and crunchier, but the cake itself was dense, cheesy, sweet,and definitely made with Philadelphia cream cheese, the way God meant it to be made. Although we were full after dinner and vowed we couldn't eat another bite, we polished off that cheesecake. It was gone. Finished. Not a crumb left. We waddled out of there full, happy and I at least, didn't need to eat anything at all the rest of the evening. I hope to visit New York Coffee again very soon!

July 4, 2015, 1:43 pm - Like

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