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Hina Rizvi
Very Bad

Review on Noorani Kebab in PECHS. We ended up there because we were buying some khussas for our champ on Tariq Road and I almost bullied hubby into going there because I remembered how good the food was. Ambiance is obviously expected to be that of a kebab house off Tariq Road so even though our table was really wobbly I ignored it. We did ask for a more sturdy table but it seemed like they had none. And then it happened; an elderly woman fell off her seat straight on the floor. She was more embarrassed than anything so even we couldn't figure out how she fell. After asking her if she was Ok and being told by her son she had metal in her knees and this fall could have been seriously dangerous we went onto eating our food. And then it happened again. An elderly gentleman falls onto the floor and this one started shouting saying the chairs are virtually broken. The rest of our meal I held onto our champ and ate with my butt almost off the chair in the fear of ending up on the floor or champ getting hurt. Food was absolutely the same as the ambiance. I ordered mutton chops they were burnt on the edges and raw on the inside. When I was done eating I stared at the pink meat on black bones and felt disgusted. I had complained to the waiter about one of the chops being completely burnt and he promised me a replacement but then showed up with the bill and avoided making eye contact with us so I let it go. Given that one chop cost 75 rupees 300 rupees for 4 chops I asked hubby to pay him bill minus 75 rupees because I was so annoyed and still hungry. Hubby paid the full bill and we quietly walked out thinking about what else we could eat. The menu also was very limited and being a fan of sea food I was left wanting more in terms of variety as there wasn't a single prawn karahi/fish tikka type of item on the menu. Also the special zafrani kheer was not available. Hubby ordered chicken tikka and was content with it. The only upside was the speed in which the food reaches you and the price point. If only they did over their furniture and exercised quality control this place might just be able to get it's past glory back. Sorry no pictures we did make a video of our champ eating lemons though.

July 15, 2015, 11:26 pm - Like

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