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About Obeez Burger

The Obeez Burger is a local quick service Home & Office delivery specializing in Gourmet style Beef/Chicken Burgers and Sandwiches with good quality at an economical price.

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Strips245
2Buffalo Wings285
3B.B.Q Wings260
4Honey Glaze Wings275
5Stuff Chicken Strips255
6Chili Bites235
7Chili Fries235
8Obeez Appetizer platter460
9Mozzarella Sticks235
10Mushroom Soup210
11Hot & Sour Soup195
12Chicken Corn Soup185
13Classic Ceaser Salad210
14Chicken Ceaser Salad245
15House Salad 195
#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Supreme 720
2T-Bone Steak995
3Rib Eye Steak945
4Grilled Chicken690
5Beef Cheese Burger349
6Obeez Beef Cheese Burger AKA (Mother of all cheese burgers)449
7Jalapeno Burger 349
8Mushroom Burger349
9American Burger349
10Mexican Burger 349
11B.B.Q Burger349
12Beef Teriyaki Burger349
13Obeez Special Chicken Burger360
14Grilled Chicken Burger320
15Spicy Fillet Burger320
16Jalapeno Chicken Burger 320
17Chicken Mexican Burger320
18American Chicken Burger320
19B.B.Q Chicken Burger320
20Classic Club Sandwich320
21Fajita Sandwich320
22Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich320
23Steak Sandwich350
24Beef Fajita Sandwich345
25Fish & Chips 495
26Fish Fillet Burger349
27Tandoori Fish Burger349
28Cilantro Fish Burger 349
29Mushroom Chicken Pasta410
30Cajun Chicken Pasta425
31Obeez Spicy Chicken Pasta425
32Chicken Lasagna475
33Beef Lasagna 475
#Name in MenuPrice
1French Fries120
2Salad and Drink99
3French Fries and Drink99
4Extra Mushroom, Jalapeno, Coleslaw25
5Extra Cheese50
6Extra Beef Patty150



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