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#Name in MenuPrice
1Cheese Garlic Bread120
2Garlic Bread99
3Cheese Sticks150
4French Fries90
6Spring Rolls180
7Tangy Wings199
#Name in MenuPrice
1Bihari Tikka599
2Hunter Hunt599
3Penny Legend599
4Cheese Lovers539
5Afghani Chicken539
6BBQ Tikka489
7Cheese Pepperoni539
8Chicken Supreme539
9Chicken Fajita489
10Chicken Teriyaki489
11Fajita Sensation489
12Fajita Sensation489
13Malai Tikka539
14Meat Lovers539
15Penny Arabia539
16Penny Supreme539
17Spicy Italian539
18Tandoori Chicken489
19Veggie Lovers489
20Chicken Lasagne250
21Chicken Pasta250
22Chicken Sandwich225
23Roasted Beef Sandwich225
24Stiko Sandwich225
#Name in MenuPrice
1Mineral Water35
2Soft Drinks45


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