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Pizza Inc. Claim Your Page Pizza Inc.

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About Pizza Inc.

At Pizza Inc we believe only in excellence, no compromise in quality.

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Garlic Bread145
2Garlic Bread Supreme189
3Garlic Mushroom165
4Garlic Spicy Mushroom185
5Spicy Wedges135
#Name in MenuPrice
1Deal 51999
2Cheese Delux Pizza239
3Chicken Supreme Pizza239
4Chicken Fajita Pizza229
5Chicken Tikka Pizza229
6Fajita Sicilian Pizza229
7Hot n Spicy Pizza229
9Veggie Delight Pizza229
10Meat Delight Pizza239
11Supreme Delux Pizza239
#Name in MenuPrice
1Deal 1229
2Deal 2749
3Deal 31299
4Deal 41399
#Name in MenuPrice
#Name in MenuPrice
1Mineral Water40
2Soft Drink49


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