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#Name in MenuPrice
1Bread Sticks110
2Cheesy Garlic Bread110
3Garlic Bread85
4Cheese Sticks110
5Chicken Wings250
6Fresh Salad Bar230
7Garlic Mushrooms100
8Pineapple Chicken Salad295
#Name in MenuPrice
1Arabic Shish Taouk Pizza180
2Chicken Tandoori Pizza180
3Euro Kinng Pizza180
4Fajita Sicilian Pizza180
5Kinng Chicken Tikka180
6Kinng Classic Pizza180
7Mexicano Olive Pizza180
8Pepperoni Pizza180
9Queen Margherita Pizza180
10Shahi Malai Boti Pizza180
11Tri Fiesta Pizza180
12Veggie Garden Pizza180
13Chicken Pasta295
15Kinng Burger170
16Kinng Sandwich180
#Name in MenuPrice
1Cold Drink 55
2MIneral Water50


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