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Islamabad, Islamabad.
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About Red Wok

Flavors from far away - Authentic Asian and African cuisine.

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1BBQ Chicken Wings395
2Hot n Sour Soup245
3Chicken Corn Soup245
#Name in MenuPrice
1Vegetable Rice145
2Vegetable Chowmein495
3Teryaki Chicken575
4Szechuan Chicken545
5Kung Pao Fish575
6Prawn Teryaki695
7Fish Teryaki575
8Dry Beef with Green Chilli575
9Dry Prawn with Green Chilli695
10Dry Chicken with Green Chilli565
11Chicken Manchurian565
12Prawn Manchurian695
13Beef Bulgogi565
14Chicken Bulgogi545
15Chicken Chowmein545
16Beef Chowmein545
17Prawn Chowmein595
18Vegeterian Hot Pot375
19Jollof Rice Chicken395
#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Fried Rice295
2Prawn Fried Rice395
3Garlic Fried Rice135


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