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Breathe in the exotic aroma of Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan cuisine at Tai-Pan. Relax in a pleasant atmosphere of authentic Chinese décor and let our chefs serve you a myriad of meals sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Menu (click category name to view items)

#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Soup 860
2Noodles Soup 950
3Tomato Egg Soup 750
4Wonton’s Soup 850
5Stir Fried Scallops Broccoli 2400
6Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings 700
7Bang Bang Chicken 680
8Fried Wontons 710
9Squid With Spicy Salt 780
10Chicken Spring Rolls 760
11Fried Chicken Dumplings 630
12Steamed Chicken Dumplings 680
13Crystal Prawn Dumplings 850
14Crab Claw With Shrimp Mousse 775
15Prawn Tempura 1850
16Seafood Scallops Soup 860
17Shrimp Won Ton Soup 890
18Hot And Sour Chicken Soup 970
19Corn Soup With Minced Chick950
20Crab Meat & Bean Curd Soup 860
21Tomato Bean Curd Soup 860
#Name in MenuPrice
1Lobster With Ginger And Spring Onion 1750
2Lobster With Red Pepper And Herbs 3600
3Sizzling Lobster With Mixed Vegetables 3700
4Steamed Lobster 3400
5Sweet And Sour Lobster 3700
6Sweet And Sour Prawns 1950
7Stir Fired Prawns With Ginger 1950
8Sizzling Prawns With Mixed Vegetables 1990
9Prawns In Mayonnaise And Sesame 1990
10Dry Fried Prawns With Chili 2100
11Steamed King Prawns With Fresh Garlic 1850
12Sauteed Prawns With BroccolI 1850
13Catch Of The Day With Sweet Sour Sauce 1690
14Steamed Fish (Grouper/ Pomfret)1250
15Dry-Fried Fish And Celery With Dried Chili 1250
16Fish Hunan Taste 1700
17. Poached Fish With Spicy Wonder Sauce 1100
18Steamed Crab 1450
19Stir Fried Crab With Ginger 1450
20Szechuan Shrimps Mapo Beancurd 1550
21Kung Pao Prawns 1850
22Deep-Fried Diced Chicken With Szechuan Dried Chili 1020
23Szechuan Chicken 1160
24Sweet And Sour Chicken 1120
25Chicken Manchurian 1160
26Sauteed Chicken With Cashew Nuts 1160
27Steamed Chicken And Black Mushrooms 1100
28Kung Pao Chicken 1650
29Sizzling Chicken 990
30Cantonese Soya Chicken 1130
31Cantonese White Chicken1030
32Dry Chicken ChilI 1160
33Chicken Barbeque990
34Sizzling Beef Or Lamb 1500
35Black Pepper Beef 1100
36Szechuan Spicy Beef / Lamb 1500
37Poached Beef/Lamb With Spicy Wonder Sauce 1500
38Beef Hot / Cold 1175
39Beef With Ginger And Onion 1175
40Dry Beef Chili 1300
41Beef Barbeque 1175
42Beijing Duck 7500
43Crispy Duck 2600
44Sliced Duck With Ginger Sauce, Vegetables 1650
45Spicy Soup Hot Pot 1300
46Clear Soup Hot Pot 1390
47Steamed Siewmai 650
48Char Siew Buns 650
49Chicken Buns 750
50Steamed Won Ton 550
51Steamed Vegetable Dumpling 700
52Crispy Shrimp Ball 1000
53Steamed Sweet Buns 600
54Braised Black Mushrooms With Broccoli 1000
55Braised Bean Curd With Mixed Vegetables 600
56Stir Fried Iceberg Lettuce In Oyster Sauce 600
57Stir Fried Chinese Cabbage In Garlic Sauce 600
58Stir Fried Mix Seasonal Vegetables 960
59Braised Eggplant 600
60Szechuan Stir Fried Cucumber 600
61Stir Fried Asparagus 1100
62. Stir Fried Noodles With Shredded Duck 1100
63Stir Fried Noodles With Shredded Chicken800
64Stir Fried Seafood With Rice Noodles 1100
65Stir Fried Noodles With Beef 650
66Stir Fried Singapore Rice Noodles 1350
67Yang Zhou Chicken /Seafood Stir Fried Rice 925
68Stir Fried Rice With Mixed Vegetables 800
69Stir Fried Rice With Duck 650
70Stir Fried Rice With Garlic 600
71Stir Fried Rice With Chili Sauce 600
72Steamed Rice 750
73Prawn Foo Yong 1100
74Chicken And Mushroom Foo Yong 950
#Name in MenuPrice
1Sweet Potato Dumplings 520
3Coconut Milk ICe Sago320
4Almond Bean Curd Wtih Lychee 595
5Caramelized Banana And Vanilla Ice Cream 575
6Apple Ring With Honey275
7Deep Fried Glutinous Ball 500
#Name in MenuPrice
4Green Tea 190
5Ginseng 190
6Canned Soft Drink 220
7Fresh Lime 7up270
8Non-Alcoholic Beer 270
9Orange Juice 250
10Apple Juice 250
11Pineapple Juice250
12Mango Juice 250
13Still Water 170
14Still Water 270
15Sparkling Water 520
16Sparkling Water 890


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