House 64-A, Nazimuddin Road, F-7/4 
Islamabad, Islamabad.
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Dinner, Lunch

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Chowmein 575
#Name in MenuPrice
1Butterfly Fried Prawns1145
2Chicken Corn Soup545
3Chicken Noodle Soup545
4Chicken Nuggets4
5Chicken Nuggets545
6Fried Wonton545
7Goong Chup Ma Pao995
8Hot & Sour545
9Kway Teow Naam Kai545
10Spicy Honey Wings545
11Spring Rolls545
12Szechuan Soup595
13Tom Ka Goong745
14Wonton Soup545
#Name in MenuPrice
1Black Pepper Chicken695
2Chicken Chilli Dry695
3Chicken Chilli in Oyster Sauce695
4Chicken in Garlic Sauce695
5Chicken Manchurian695
6Chicken Manchurian (Chef's Style)695
7Chicken with Chillies & Onions695
8Kai Pad Prik Phow745
9Kung Pao Chicken695
10Monglian Chicken745
11Szechuan Chicken695
12Beef Chilli Dry795
13Beef In Oyster Sauce795
14Beef with Chillies & Onion795
15Mongolian Beef795
16Tz Special Beef825
17Chilli Crab1095
18Fish in Black Bean Sauce895
19Fish in Pineapple Sauce895
21Mongolian Style Fish895
22Prawns in Black Bean Sauce995
23Szechuan Fish895
24Szechuan Prawns995
25Gaeng Keaw Wan Goong995
26Gaeng Keaw Wan Kai895
27Gaeng Keaw Wan Neua895
28Gaeng Ped Goong995
29Gaeng Ped Kai895
30Gaeng Ped Talay995
31American Chop Suey675
32Chicken Chop Suey625
33Chicken Fried Rice525
#Name in MenuPrice
1Yum Ploa Duk Foo795
#Name in MenuPrice
1Green Tea125
2Wu Wang Soda165
3Fresh Lime145



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