Food Court, Safa Gold Mall, Jinnah Super 
Islamabad, Islamabad.
Dinner, Lunch

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Nuggets229
2Chicken Strips299
3Buffalo Wings299
4Barbecue Wings299
5Honey Wings299
6Chicken Nachos199
7French Fries99
8Curly Fries179
9Mayo Fries159
10Masala Fries159
11Cheese Fries149
#Name in MenuPrice
1Philly Cajun Grilled Chicken369
2Kentucky Chicken Loaf379
3Penny Malpensa549
4Chicken Fettuccine549
5Roman Caesar299
6Oriental Spice299
7Urban Tangy299
8Crispy Crunch299
9Dallas Beef Mushroom399
10Texas Grilled Beef Relish399
11Californian Crispy Chicken399
12Vegas Chicken Cheese399
13Pacific Fish Fillet399
#Name in MenuPrice
1Value Deal 1499
2Value Deal 2399
3Value Deal 3469
4Value Deal 4429
5Value Deal 5329
6Value Deal 6229
7Value Deal 7329
8Value Deal 8229
9Value Deal 91599
10Value Deal 10399
11Value Deal 11389
#Name in MenuPrice
1Teddy Stick129
2Coated Apple169
3Mint Chocolate Chip229
#Name in MenuPrice
3Irish Cappuccino249
5White Latte249
6Hazel Nut Latte249
10Italian Soda229
11Frozen Lemonade229
12Frozen Mochaccino269
13Frozen Mocha Latte269
14Chocolate Mint Frappe269
15Chocolate Brownie229



Emran Khan
Very Bad

Visited Centaurus outlet yesterday night. Food was fine but staff is pathetic, unprofessional, don't know how to respect Woman. they stare at your family in such bad way that they gonna eat them right now. The entire staff needs customer service training because they don't know how to behave with respectful customers. Restaurant strongly not recommended for decent Families.

July 11, 2015, 3:20 am - Like

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