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About The Deli

The Deli, specializing in high quality, gourmet cuisine, offers a wide range of savory dishes including unique sandwiches, fresh salads and desserts which are made using only the finest ingredients.

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Nazia Latif
Good Enough

A charming little place, attentive staff, and teenage zamanay k ganay. Aur kya chahiye? We started off with a carpaccio and casear salad for three of us to share, while Wafa had a soup which she really enjoyed. I enjoyed the carpaccio, and while it was the perfect thickness and flavorful, there was something missing that I can’t quite put my finger on..lekin kuch toh kum tha. The salad bhi theek tha, the way a salad is supposed to be, but I kinda missed the shaved parmesan found on some salads at some places (No, I won’t take names. Sahwy). Since I had heard so much about the khaow suey there, I decided to nom on that. And can I just say I wasn’t disappointed? That’s one of the yummy things to try there. I added lots of chili oil with the extra curry, and those two elements elevated a flavorful, hearty and filling meal to a whole new level of ohmyGodsoyuminmymouth. The strawberry lemonade I ordered was sweet enough to give me a cavity, and honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. So whoever orders the strawberry lemonade, ask your server to please put in 15% of the syrup that he does put in. Because I got home and I could tell I was at a sugar high, since my sister and I started laughing like mad loons remembering the days when she would sing songs to entertain herself while she was in the loo. Yeah. I’m 11 years older than her, okay? She was very repetitive and I remembered all of them. ALL. You don’t want that. Specially when family and friends are sitting around asking your parents what they put in our food to make us so high -_- Khair, I digress. Moving on to the desserts. I ordered the creme brulee, Wafa ordered the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream (It had to be Movenpick, okay? Movenpick only!), and Ali W ordered the chocolate fondant, which he thoroughly enjoyed as well. I took a bit of the brownie, and I could make a meal out of that all by myself! When I tapped the creme brulee, it didn’t have the hard, crack-crack awaz nikalnay wala crust, but it was crunchy once in my mouth, and the custard was the way it should be in a creme brulee. Soft, pillowy as a cloud, and not curdled. Hello, that’s an achievement, okay? Not overly sweet, but I do wish it had been a tad bit colder. By the time I got my dessert, it had warmed up a little. but it was phir bhi really good. All in all, the company was fun, even though I was squished between a PTI-ist, a Mushi-ist, and an Everybody-Sucks-ist, and by the time dessert came, Wafa and I decided if the discussion had to be political, we’ll discuss how pretty Imran Khan is. And even though I forgot my khaw suey leftovers at The Deli only *Cry*, I’m so glad we managed to make the dinner happen and I got to visit The Deli. Do I want to visit again? Yes, please!

July 4, 2015, 1:46 pm - Like

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