Centaurus Mall, Floor no. 4, Shop no. 501 
05:00 PM - 03:00 AM
Aftari, Coffee, Desserts, Dinner, Lunch, Sehri

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chinese Chicken Chowmein915
2Spicy Fettuccine995
3Fettuccine Alfredo995
4Beef Lasagna915
5Chicken Lasagna915
6Spaghetti Bolognese915
7Spinach Lasagna915
8BBQ Shashlik945
9Beef Steak in Pepper Sauce1075
10Beef Steak in Mushroom Sauce1075
11Chicken Steak in Mushroom Sauce1075
12Chicken Steak in Pepper Sauce1075
13Chicken A La Kiev945
14Chicken A La King945
15Chicken Chops945
16Namkeen Dumba Karahi1945
17Peshawari Chicken Karahi1345
#Name in MenuPrice
1Caked Alaska525


Fowzan -
Good Enough

Last week I went to monal downtown and we ordered chicken dum biryani, chicken steak, thai fish and monal special burger... so review on the 'Chicken Dum Biryani'... well it was great and i was really impressed with the presentation *thumbs up*, the quantity was also spot on. I highly recommend the biryani. The steak was dry and overcooked... sauce would do the trick. Thai fish & monal special burger were also great. However i was disappointed that were no napkins on the table. I mean i totally understand that the monal in pir sohawa is outdoor and sometimes it rains there but monal downtown is inside centaurus... no excuses here. For a fine dining restaurant, table etiquette should be on point.

August 31, 2016, 1:13 pm - Like

Salman -

When you take turn from Margalla road, you start enjoying the surroundings. Wonderful place with wonderful view, service is awesome and taste of food is matchless.

July 14, 2015, 4:17 pm - Like

Rana Muhammad Saeed
Very Bad


July 13, 2015, 11:50 am - Like

Mahwish Idrees

Driving up hill to go to Monal is always a delight and the place serves you well. The Iftar+dinner buffet was very well organised as each terrace had its own buffet table so you did not have to get into long ques. the variety is not much,but everything is cooked to perfection and caters to the taste buds of all ages. It has a good variety of nans (including cheese nans), mutton and chicken dishes varying from Pakistani to chinese. The iftar includes bite sized potato cutlets, scrumptious chicken balls, dahi barey , vegi and meat samosas(absolutely out of this world and not oily). However,the fruit chat is mostly made of bananas.The best thing on the dinner menue is offcourse their succulent chicken seekh kebabs,behari chicken tikka,mutton karahi ,kabuli pulao and manchurian. if you are the sort to fill up on water and tea(like me) after breaking our fast, you are in luck.There are taverns of sweetened and un sweetened lassi, Imli+alu bukhara sherbat and tea with green/black tea bags and variety of sweetners. There were proper pray areas for men and (covered) for women and directions and time of prayers was announced on the mic.for everyone's benefit. Although it seems the whole population of twin cities is there, the vallet service was pretty efficient and courteous. It is a MUst Have experience. However,if it's a warm day, I would suggest you book a table in doors as they dont have fans outside and Never go without booking in advance.

July 11, 2015, 4:38 pm - Like

Ahsan Jamshaid

awesome location...awesome environment awesome food...that's all i can sayy :)

July 7, 2015, 10:29 am - Like

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