House # 52-B, Nazimudin Road. F-7/4 
06:30 PM - 03:00 AM
Desserts, Dinner

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About Tiffany's

Tiffany's is a casual dining restaurant providing eclectic food in a natural and cozy environment. We have full service bakery on the premises as well.

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Aleem Zafar

Good ambience, good food, good service and rush defines Tiffany's

September 25, 2015, 10:34 am - Like

Javeria Malik

A few of the members of Islamabad food mob decided to have a casual lunch at the newly opened Restaurant in F-7 called Tiffany's .The restaurant is really nicely done in terms of interiors decor etc. So in order to reserve a table , numerous calls had to be made to the establishment as there was some issue with their phone lines and they could not hear us properly. So after around 3 to 4 calls our table was finally Reserved. With all the hype revolving around the restaurant we were all super excited and looking forward to having a great culinary experience. Upon arrival at the restaurant we were quickly seated by the staff but after that it seemed like the waiter forgot about us and most of us had to ask for the menu several times. Once the order was placed it took ages for the food to arrive , to which the argument presented was that "we prepare everything fresh ". So finally our food arrived and it looked great . Most of the dishes were well presented. But looks can be deceiving. The medium steak was well done and chewy, the vegetables were oily & the mash was just off . The pizza was average , the base was thin but was not crispy at all. The chicken entrées were average as well and were nothing to write home about. Also a piece of foil paper was found in one of the dishes. The red snapper was the only dish that was well prepared and delicious. Now coming to the service , I had a serious problem with the attitude of the staff . I was talking to the waiter and giving him feedback about the steak & he did not even bother for me to finish and walked away. Had to call him numerous times to even get him to acknowledge that the steak was not up to par. Got the steak changed for a lasagne and several minutes later was told that sorry we are out of lasagne We asked to see the owner and the manager was super reluctant and was like " k Kar to Diya hai replace ub owner say kyun Milna hai ". But after some persuasion we finally got to meet the owner so that we can give him our feedback. The owner did acknowledge the problems and also got the lasagne made for us, but sadly he also seemed to be rushed and seemed rather disinterested. So overall it was a not so good experience. I do understand that any new restaurant has teething issues and mostly with time the food and service do pickup . But my problem is that sadly these days most of the new establishments focus a lot of the interior / exterior of their restaurant. Have a big fancy launch , but they forget that the true essence of any restaurant lies firstly in the food & then the service. No matter how fancy the restaurant is , if my food is not good I will not be happy. Sadly these days most of the new restaurants negate this fact.

August 20, 2015, 8:38 pm - Like

Shifa Khan

im big on word of mouth when it comes to eating out - the experience of one diner could well be yours the next time. tiffany's was a pleasant surprise: aside from being a replica of english tea house in lahore, the food isn't bad and the tea is very good. the deserts served with the hi-tea however weren't fresh at all and weren't worth a second bite. its clean and the staff is polite & attentive. its worth another try.

July 13, 2015, 10:59 am - Like

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