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Team Nutrilov got in touch with me a little over a week ago asking if I would like to try their products. Since I've been on a health kick anyway, I decided to try them out. Now, these aren't protein bars. They're more appropriately termed as 'healthy snack bars', and if you love sweet, oatey goodness, you're in for a treat. These bars can be delivered to you anywhere in Karachi. All you have to do is inbox here with your name, address, phone number and of course, your order and Team Nutrilov will get you what you need. Now the packaging, as you can see is very cute. Comes with a handwritten note as well, and my love for those has been mentioned a few times. I received 2 flavors, peanut butter and raisins (PB&R) and chocolate chip and coconut (CC&C). While it was advised to have them cold, I tried them at room temperature and refrigerated. And somehow, the flavors were better at room temperature for the PB&R, while the CC&C was better refrigerated, probably because I don't like cold peanut butter and love cold chocolate chips. The flavors of both were amazing. There's the bite of granola bars in both of them of course, since that's essentially what they are. That's where the similarities end, though. The PB&R is my favorite, probably because when I eat it I feel like I'm actually eating something healthy and not cheating on my diet. At room temperature, the raisins are soft and squishy, and the flavor of the peanut butter really stands out. Soft, chewy and delicious. When it's cooled, the bar becomes crispier and a little harder to chew, and the flavor of the peanut butter kind of tones down. The CC&C has a soft spot in my heart, though. It came to my rescue when I woke up with a massive headache a few mornings ago and couldn't find anything I could eat within seconds and then pop a painkiller. This friendly CC&C bar was waiting to be opened and scarfed down in the refrigerator, and that's what I did. It got me an hour's worth of sleep on a weekday, and who doesn't love that? The flavor of this can best be described as granola, chocolate, tiny pockets of salt and the little chew of desiccated coconut, not really a strong flavor of it. While I would have loved a little more coconutty essence in the CC&C bar, I still caught that crunch of coconut which was oddly satisfying, especially when the bar has been refrigerated. All in all, these healthy snack bars are the perfect hunger killers. I've had them in between meals when I've been starving and they have helped ward off hunger pangs for a good 2 hours. Taste-wise they're a sweet lover's heaven without the crazy calories, and for someone who's on the go and doesn't want to waste time eating, these are absolutely perfect. I'm definitely ordering these again, and I suggest you do too!

May 15, 2016, 7:34 pm - Like

Cafe Aylanto
I don't know what's happened to Aylanto's serving sizes in Karachi. Is it just me or have t he servings become downright stingy? The decked beef used to cover literally the entire plate with a potato pancake at the bottom, topped with 2 good-sized steaks, and surrounded with caramelized onions. This time around it was a tiny potato pancake topped with two tiny steaks and 2 dollops of onion jam. What a pity.

February 10, 2016, 1:09 pm - Like

Mews - Wholesome Kitchen, a place where the entire family enjoyed their meal. With everyone being indecisive, my sister and I decided upon Mews since the parents and chacha hadn't been there till now. Since we got there around 8, the place was thankfully relatively empty. We chose to sit outside because the patio is oh so pretty, and the weather is too. For the appetizers we went with the trio of fries and the hot stuff plank pizza. The pizza was delivered as promised. Hot, cheesy, spicy goodness that everyone enjoyed and polished off. A great starter for the table. Thank God Mews makes their own fries and doesn't use the frozen variety. I loved all three flavors (Truffle and mushroom, kimchi and bolognese) but my favorite was definitely the kimchi. Since I had already stuffed myself silly earlier when I was out with a friend, I chose to not order a main course. I did however, order a mint lemonade. My chacha and dad decided to split the club sandwich, for the mother we ordered the mustard chicken, and my sister chose to go with the dirty bolognese. As I have mentioned before, everyone loved their main courses, of which I didn't take any pictures because they were all hungry but every single one of them definitely enjoyed their meals with no complaints. And I found the mint lemonade to be slightly above average than all the other commercially available ones, almost at par with Koel. Not quite there but almost. Very refreshing, especially when you get the carbonated drink replaced with water. Overall damage for 2 appetizers, a large bottle of water, 2 drinks and 3 main courses was around Rs. 4800. Pricey yes, but worth it. Last mention goes to the well-informed server we had who helped us make the right choices and also, people were waiting as we left around 9 p.m.

January 25, 2016, 11:56 am - Like

New York Coffee
When you can't get into the Karachi Eat Festival because the traffic is insane (Starting from Metropole), you circle around 4 times looking for space, can't find it and decide it's just not worth the hassle, you end up deciding not to waste the outing and go somewhere peaceful instead. With all of Karachi at the Karachi Eat Festival, Zamzama was peaceful and full of free parking. Let's get the bad out of the way first. Why oh why would you mess with perfection, NYC? The crust was soggy, the cheesecake itself too sweet, and overall quite disappointing. The manager present told me the new formula cheesecake had just been imported and my first reaction was, 'WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?' Put in a request a to bring the old version back. Sigh. The good parts however, are the coffee and the sample platter. Delivered as I asked for, double shot espresso, frothy, creamy delicious coffee goodness. My friend enjoyed his hot chocolate, but I didn't taste it. The sample platter was brilliant, as usual. Love the crispy onion rings, tender, spicy, tangy and juicy chicken wings, the mini burgers were dripping juice from the patty, and the buns held everything together very well. I'm not such a fan of chicken strips, but NYC knows how to do them. The sauces too, are just the way they're supposed to be. Fiery and tangy buffalo sauce, creamy and mellow ranch sauce, along with my not-so-favorite but goes so well with onion rings barbecue sauce and of course, everyone loves honey mustard sauce.

January 25, 2016, 11:07 am - Like

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