About foona

For Foodies, By Foodies

foona Review is a social network and an online directory for food; bringing foodies and eateries together on a free platform where restaurants, recipes, reviews & experiences can be 'discovered & shared' for better eating.  

The word ‘foona’ is a fusion of the words 'food' and 'khaana' (i.e. food in Urdu), a simple yet memorable name once the connection is made. You won't forget it.

By offering a public space, where foodies can connect with other foodies and eateries to share views and love for food, foona empowers users to establish standards and expectations for eateries to follow, while giving eateries a space to build a following. foona also provides kickstarter chefs a space to contribute, grow and develop a following.

These are the foundations of our platform and the experience will come together as we continue building a world-class platform.


Our History


Everything should have a good story. foona has one that many of you experience everyday. You decide how good it is by using us.

One fine day, back in 2005, while out for a meal at a local favorite (listed on the site), one of our Founders had just started eating and suddenly realized there was something terribly wrong.

'The meal was not value for money. It was not what he paid for.'

The food was not prepared well, the meat was not cooked and it just left a 'bad taste', excuse the pun.

He was offered something different from what was advertised on the menu and that was disappointing to say the least. Nothing worse than trying to satiate an appetite, only to find frustration and a bad experience waiting on the other side.  And slight recourse for redemption, other than the 'sorry' but you still have to eat and pay for it.

Having lived in US for some years, his expectations were based on service standards that restaurants there abided by. These standards were typically enforced by food critics and those few who have 'the tongue' for it. This has changed and food is becoming social, again.

The idea for foona was realized while eating this same meal. It was a back of the napkin idea, literally.

The idea? Give people the chance to decide what they should pay for and what to expect. This is a tricky balance because not everyone is versed with the way something should taste. Sometimes things are 'to taste' because that's what foodies are familiar with.


Our Services

foona started as more than a restaurant guide, where you can rate and review eateries and food. This idea has since evolved and now as we launch the community across a website & many social networks, we find the relationship between foodies and food has really matured.

foona will bring an educational experience, while setting standards for both foodies and eateries. Like an open-source element, this will be true democracy for food... or foodocracy for you. 

Currently foona is serving Pakistan, with plans to sequentially expand across emerging markets, based on timing and opportunity.


Early Beginnings

foona Review first started as a free web-based search engine in 2006, allowing users to rate and review eating establishments. Having started off ahead of its time, foona was put on hold and used the time to develop a network of supporters who believe in the need.

A big part of what we do is making food social, but because social networking was not mature until recent years, the project was put on hold until the time was right and technology was present. 

That time is now. 

Team foona thanks its many patrons for all the years they have been behind this project and we hope to repay them by bringing to the world a real social network for foodies, or as we call it the 'focial network for foonatics'.

*This is a beta site. With your feedback, we will make foona work for you. We appreciate your patience and support as we work to add and improve to your foona experience.* 

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