Why foona?

foona has been designed to help foodies, like you, make the most of all the great eateries around your localities..
  • Discover the best eateries near you with our intuitive search.
  • Treat yourself to new and exciting food that you never knew existed.
  • Use foonette to make tough decisions for you when you run out of ideas
  • Write reviews so friends and eateries know and learn from your feedback
  • Take control and use foona to set the standard for your foodie experience
So, join us in making your dining experience something more than special and never have a bad meal again!

foona isn't just for foodies, it's also for eateries that want to get noticed and attract the right kind of audience...
  • Add your eatery listing to foona Review, ABSOLUTELY FREE
  • Control your eatery page's details, including description, location and menu
  • Enjoy easy-to-manage promotion options for enhanced visibility across foona.net
  • Increase business by attracting ratings and reviews for your eatery and food
  • Add special offers and promotions to attract your customers (feature coming soon)
  • Get insights on your eatery, such as number of searches, views and hearts
Let foona worry about bringing the right customers to you, so you can focus on providing them with amazing dining experiences!

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